Playground Renewal

Catch up with the latest on fund raising efforts for the project to renew the children's play area on the playing field

The children's playground on the parish playing field is reaching the end of it's life and we are keen to renew it before there is any risk that it becomes unsafe. 

The total cost will be in the region of £60 - 65 000, but we can apply for local authority, lottery and other charitable funding to help raise this large sum. We believe that raising £8000 through local fund raising will allow us to access support from others. We aim to raise £4000 this year and the same next year.

We have consulted locally to find out what children, parents and others would like to see in the new play area and will continue to consult as we go along. If you would like to comment, or to offer help, please contact Colin Macklin by email at [email protected] 

One of our fund raising efforts this year is a raffle with excellent prizes. We will be selling tickets at various events all summer, and as part of our licence we need to make the terms and conditions of the raffle available through different channels. Please click here  if you would like to read the terms and conditions.