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Are you interested in photography, arts and crafts, history or gardening - read on

(October 23, 2018)

I’m happy to say that we have had a positive response to the CECA open letter recently distributed with the Church magazine. Several suggestions have been put forward for new groups / activities and we have potential leaders for groups on photography, history, arts and crafts and gardening. We have also had positive interest in joining the CECA committee.  

We would like to take this forward and use the CECA AGM as a springboard. So, if you are interested in joining a group focussed on 


Or you have ideas for other groups, please come along to our AGM: 7 November at 7.30 in the JUBILEE HALL. We will be providing wine and nibbles and looking forward to a convivial evening. 

As part of the evening we will hold the formal business of the Annual General Meeting for Childs Ercall Community Association. The recent open letter outlined our current situation, in that three Committee Officers, Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be resigning at the Annual General Meeting on 7 November and that we would very much welcome new members of the committee to give new life to the charity and to help fill those roles. A volunteer has come forward offering to take on the role of Secretary, but we still need to fill other roles. There is a possibility that if we cannot find a Chair and Treasurer, the Childs Ercall Community Association will have to be dissolved, which would mean that events organised by CECA may not take place in future. If you are interested in taking on one of the roles or want to know more, please contact David Doig on 01952 840403 or [email protected]



Is there a talented IT and Social Media expert in Childs Ercall who is willing to help set up a Social Media Platform for the community? CECA have an excellent template of a very successful platform from another village, but need an expert to adapt it to Childs Ercall’s specific needs. If you can help, please contact me

David Doig

Chair, Childs Ercall Community Association, October 2018


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