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Give your views on what the Community Association could do differently

(September 20, 2018)



My name is David Doig, Chairman of the Childs Ercall Community Association (CECA).  It’s our responsibility to manage the upkeep of the Jubilee Hall for the benefit of residents and to promote community well-being.

CECA have staged various events over the years with varying success; many have been very successful but some, especially recently, have not been very well attended.  This raises the question as to whether there is an appetite for village events in the 21stCentury? Or perhaps we are not putting on the right mix of events?

It occurs to us that new Committee members with fresh ideas may be the answer. I have been Chairman for 5 years; a similar time to the Treasurer and the Secretary and the Committee now needs new volunteers to take on these three roles. Without these positions being filled the Committee may not be able to continue. 

Currently the Jubilee Hall is successfully used by yoga and dance classes, keep fit and dog training, but are there any other Clubs/Groups of people who would like to use the facilities? Or is there a new activity you would like to see? 

For those who have not been into the Hall recently, it has been redecorated and fitted with new window blinds and the kitchen has been redesigned with a new commercial standard cooker. It is now a light, bright, modern environment. The improvements have been arranged by the small band of volunteer Committee members and supported by fund raising from the Parish and surrounds.

Do you have ideas on where we could go from here? Would you like a new challenge? Do you have a bit of time to help your community? If you said yes to any of these, please consider joining the Jubilee Hall committee. If you can’t make that much commitment, perhaps you might be able to help with events. Either way, please contact me. We need to fill the Officer vacancies at our AGM on 7thNovember, so please let me know by 31stOctober. If no one comes forward, a decision will have to be made about the future of Childs Ercall Community Association.  

Thank you.

David Doig

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